Every Thursday 01-11 To 06-12-2018       BUNI HUB COSTECH

Niajiri 6 Week Employability Training.

Join this 6 week training course on employability with the intention of building your skills to help you secure that job. Taking you through an experiential journey on Time Management all the way through Stress Management at the workplace, this is definitely a course for someone who is wanting to set themselves apart form others in this job market. This course is in partnership with TEEC and all participants will receive a certificate under Passport to Success, a revered global employability program under International Youth Foundation.

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  TO BE ANNOUNCED       Universities In Dar

Jiongeze Uajirike workshop.

We are coming to a university next to you! Do attend this session to learn more about what Niajiri Platform has to offer you. Don't miss the chance to be part of the Community of doers. The first 20 sign ups earn a chance to attend a speed interviewing session.

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