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Get to view more than just a CV and cover letter of your candidate through our integrated platform.

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Increase your HR efficiency to up to 70% by using our Applicant Tracking System.

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AWe help companies attract star performers through ramified assessments, digital interviews and candidate data mining

Niajiri for Talent

Worried over how you can build a top performing team? We’ve got you covered! You can now effortlessly and efficiently identify top potential hires in the marketplace using our services.


AWe work with companies to build pipelines of top performing talent through curation of various assessments.

Niajiri for Talent

Turnaround time on getting a top performer into the office is giving you sleepless nights? Well, stress no more as you can now access your assessed curated pipeline of talent and select accordingly.


Access smart data driven insights on the state of talent ranging from hiring analytics,job fit, geographical distribution, skills and so much more.

Niajiri for Talent

Using gamification and machine learning we help talent to skill, reskill and upskill through assessments such as personality and digital diagnostics,soft skills courses, tools, resources as well as making opportunities available where possible.


AWe provide a 360 degree centralised profile dashboard that has a built in Applicant Tracking System and multiple user access.

Niajiri for Talent

Insights collected on the platform enable us to tell critical and impactful stories around the Talent Value Chain.


Access smart data driven insights on the state of talent ranging from hiring analytics,job fit, geographical distribution, skills and so much more.

Niajiri for Talent

How do you manage all the 1,000 plus applications you ask? With us, you are able to access all candidate details on a one stop dashboard while allowing you to engage with applicants via email, and even whatsapp.


These are case studies from
various projects


Client: TIOB

Solution: Talent Preparation and Development

Value Addition to TIOB Members

Coming to the table with more than 8,000 individual members and 30 plus Corporate Members which include banks such as CRDB, Stanbic, Standard Chartered etc. Niajiri Platform worked with TIOB in customizing their preferred journey, where an individual member can now develop their Banking skills as well as assess and bridge their soft skills through accessing Niajiri courses and content on the platform. On the same hand, Corporate Members can now access prepared talent profiles on a one stop dashboard.

Coca Cola Kwanza Ltd

Client: Coca Cola Kwanza Ltd

Solution: Talent Identification, Preparation, Acquisition and Development

Delivering Top Performing Talent

Three years in a row now, Niajiri Platform has successfully saved over 100 man hours per year on the Graduate in Trainee program and has placed over 40 placed entry level talent in Management roles where 90% have retained these roles over the year. The Learning and Development Mgr captures it well by stating that it is not just about the reduced workload but more so the top talent delivered to the doorstep.

ALAF (part of SAFAL Group)

Client: ALAF (part of SAFAL Group)

Solution: Talent Identification, Preparation and Acquisition

Hiring of Talent during COVID-19

As other companies were looking into options of shutting down, our service offering was at its optimum as was evidenced with the recruitment of ALAF Graduate in Trainee 2020 program where we integrated virtual interviews as well as accessibility options for the ALAF HR team to view the recruitment process at the comfort of their computers remotely. Our curated recruitment pathway enabled us to conduct job fit assessments, integrate pitch videos as well as virtual interviews during a time when physical contact was not recommended.

East Africa Fresh Fruits Ltd

Client: East Africa Fresh Fruits Ltd

Solution: Talent Identification and Preparation

Concentrating in your core business

As any SME would attest to, the quest for top performers is key in transforming the business and this is the sweet spot that our services come on board. We offer the flexibility of a company such as EA Fresh Fruits to access top talent as and when need be, thus leaving them to concentrate on what they do best.


Giving you the power to select top talent in the marketplace with the
Niajiri Tool while saving you time & money.

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